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Open Community Meetings

In an area where too many people lack basic human needs, Hope’s Village will be a safe haven where people who are homeless and want to work hard to improve their lives can live in simple tiny homes, put their skills to good use and develop new ones, and contribute to the surrounding community. Hope’s Village will be an eco-friendly, self-sustaining community village model for other areas of our community - a viable and novel housing solution for our neighbors who have little or no income.

When we find our site, the villagers and volunteers will work to build 30 more tiny "Cabins on Wheels" using sustainable building methods. These cabins will all be licensed through the DMV. Imagine a small neighborhood of attractive, tiny homes built from natural and re-used materials; a large common house with a commercial kitchen, office, dining area, bathrooms, and laundry facilities; a large organic garden and a barn/workshop where villagers can develop micro-enterprises. The villagers will be responsible for maintaining their homes and the village, and our experienced managers will be on site around-the-clock to provide support.

A village in which everyone participates and is included

Each villager will be a part of the Village Council, will have a voice and a vote in village decisions, and will contribute to the well-being of the village. This council (with the Hope’s Village Board of Directors) will meet weekly to review progress toward goals such as previous homelessness issues, public safety, respect for one another, cooperation, sustainability, and civic participation.

Villagers will help contribute to the well-being of our community​

Villagers who are able will learn new job skills enabling them to obtain meaningful work on or off site. They will be encouraged to start (or continue) their education, and to take advantage of the excellent community services available to them provided by numerous agencies on the Central Coast of California. We work in cooperation now with these agencies an are endorsed by many.

The village will be a model for sustainability and civic participation, with the smallest carbon footprint possible. Like an old-fashioned barn raising, building the village will promote interaction, cooperation, and a better understanding between our previously homeless villagers and local community volunteers as they come together to work. Previously held stereotypes will be reduced by this common effort: experience breeds understanding.

A safe and drug-free environment

SLO has adopted the “Housing First” model to resolve our homelessness crisis. We strongly believe in "community first."  In that spirit, Hope’s Village will not only provide stable permanent housing (a proven foundation for empowering people to move forward in life) but will also be a safe and supportive community where villagers can contribute and support each other.

Hope's Village will be a drug-free environment with no theft or violence. Our board of directors and the villagers will work in cooperation with the SLO County Sheriff to ensure potential villagers come with no outstanding warrants in California or elsewhere. All local law enforcement agencies and governmental officials have been, and will continue to be, kept apprised on all aspects of our village.

Hope's Village is prepared to be part of the local solution to reduce homelessness

We currently have liability insurance for the board of directors. When we open the village, we will have liability insurance coverage through the Nonprofit Association of California, holding the County of San Luis Obispo (or any landowner giving us a long term lease) harmless from any and all liability. 

Our village will allow people who were homeless another chance for a better life. They will have the stability of a real home in a safe, healthy, and friendly environment, and will be shown all the love and support we have to offer. 

Since its inception, our board has been working in conjunction with other homeless service agencies in the county to better assist our unhoused neighbors. And thanks to government officials and others who are endorsing our project (and many donors who have already put their faith in us), we have $30,000 in our bank account without yet launching a major fundraising campaign. More of our unhoused neighbors will soon have roofs over their heads, be able to help promote the same placement for others, and have a much brighter future!

We envision this project as a catalyst for the nation and beyond, pioneering an effective alternative to homelessness, an example of sustainable design of urban communities, and a viable housing model for the future of our modern society.


We welcome you to our 2017 informal discussions...

     First Wednesday of each month at 10:00am  (next meeting - May 3, 2017)​ 

     SLO Salvation Army (Corner of Islay & Chorro Streets)

     Coffee and treats included!

Join us at these upcoming events:        

           April 25 - Permaculture potluck - 6:00pm - SLO Grange Hall