RV's for Veterans

​We have now passed on 68 motor homes, travel trailers and fifths wheels to local homeless veterans and others ... no money exchanges hands, no liability is incurred.

Please call Cherie about any unused RVs

at 805-712-7067.



Our model cabin demonstrates how well built and inexpensive these tiny homes are, built on chassis in order to be moveable. They are considered "specially-constructed mobile homes" by the DMV and are licensed as a “CA Permanent Trailer.”

Upcoming Project: Hope’s Village Organic Garden

Hope’s Village will have an organic vegetable & flower garden that will provide an opportunity for villagers to develop valuable job skills while experiencing the healing effects of working with plants. The garden will contribute to the village’s self-sufficiency while providing a source of

fresh local produce for the village and broader community.

Cabins on Wheels

DISCLAIMER: Any or all of these ideas might change if we think of something even better!

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The cabins will be built by the villagers with 

volunteers using sustainable building methods. They are structurally sound, well insulated, and

a safe, warm and dry place to sleep.

Help us create


in San Luis Obispo, California


For many years, we've been reaching out to people here in SLO without housing. Many are longtime residents who have fallen into the gap in services for various reasons. They are either ineligible for or under-served by homeless services. Some don’t have the wherewithal to participate, or they lack the required income necessary to obtain housing. Some people simply cannot live in close proximity to others in a shelter setting due to their illnesses and issues. They need a hand up (not a hand out).

We have provided sleeping bags, clothing, food and water, and have helped house 20+ people through our outreach services. In the past, we’ve helped those who are sick get into motel rooms. We ensure people know aboutall homeless services available to them, and urge them to utilize these services.

We anxiously await the day when we help build their own tiny homes!


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